Tuesday, 5 January 2010

matthew's melons

Matthew was in a state of shock.
His sister and her friends had caught him spying on their little coven.
They though it was hilarious to cast this spell on him.
How was he ever going to be able to explain these things on his chest??

Tie trouble

Ah well, thats me finally finished with school!
Its a shame, youve been a great tie for the last 6 months.
I know youve loved nestling between my boobies every day.
At least my kid sister starts at this school next year, maybe you'll get another couple of years before we bin you.
And just think, you can watch her boobies grow now too...

Sister shock

Holy Crap!
Tina's back early!!
How am I gonna explain to her that I used that medallion to change into her so i could wear her clothes?
I cant even change back for another two hours.
I wonder how she'll feel about having a twin sister...

panty spell

Are you ok in there Billy?
I have to admit you do make a really cute pair of panties.
its a shame i have to change you back in the next hour before it becomes permanent.
Gee i sure hope i dont end up nodding off lying here...
Awwwww whats the matter honey?
Dont you like being my lipstick?
I cant wait to show you to all my friends.
And just wait til you hear me tell them you're now the same size as your little penis was haha


Hows the view from down there David?
Haha you are the cutest pair of sneakers ever!
As a special treat I might just turn you into my bra next, once ive worn you out of course...

bag boy

Paul was beginning to accept his new life as a handbag.
He liked being useful to Lucy and he did get to see some very interesting sights now and again